Big Shot Acadia

An epic journey through Coastal Maine

Located in Lamoine, Maine. Course includes views of Acadia National Park.

Started as 9 hole course on the designer's vacation property. Course was tight and technical; mostly through tight fairways in the woods. Course was greatly improved thanks to the neighbors. Adding open field land greatly improve the variety and overall grandeur of the course. Hole numbering was updated to start in the parking area for access to the shoreline. Course is currently 10 holes with multiple basket positions. 3 different sets of tees designed for different skill levels ensures their is a configuration suited to your taste.  See below for descriptions and pictures of each of the holes. 

Course is currently closed for the winter!

Current Course Distances

Distances are in feet as calculated by the paths shown in the layout by UDISC. 

Course Layout

Course starts at the parking lot down Ice House Lane on the right. Holes work around the field, then up and across the road. Play continues down through the woods and back around to the start. Please keep to the course and respect out of bounds to prevent nuisance to the neighbors!

Hole 01 - Big Drink

Course starts with an epic oceanview shot riding along a steep dropoff. Wind off the water is usually on your mind as you prepare to launch. Pin A/B is on back edge of the dropoff. Pin C is behind the dropoff near the ocean.

Hole 02 - Little Pond

Blind Teeshot between 2 giants to a basket tucked into a small pond. Pin A is at the bend in the pond closest to the tees. Pin B further behind it. Rarely you get Pin C, which plays across the pond. 

Hole 03 - Big Ice

Teeshot takes on a climb along Ice House Lane and across the road. Everything left of the road is OB. Coming up short lands you in the wildflowers! Pin A/B is near the road. Pin C is across the yard flanked by OB.

Hole 04 - Big Air

Elevated teeshot over the wildflowers and blueberry bushes with an opening that narrows to the baskets. Pin A/B is slightly into the woods near an old stump. Hole continues narrowing to Pin C across the brook. 

Hole 05 - Little Mishi

Named after the original owner, Little Mishi leaves you unsure which tiny route you should take. Pin A is on front part of clearing after multiple rows of trees. Pin B is behind it near the rear of the clearing.  Pin C is off the clearing to the right.

Hole 06 - Big Apple

The tight lines in the woods continue. Hole name is an ode to all the apple trees on the course. The Big Apple plays very differently depending on the tee and basket with huge differences in distance and path. Pin A is in the first clearing. Pin B is nestled against the ditch another shot further. Pin C is shared with Hole 7 further down the ditch. 

Hole 07 - Big Ditch

Course returns to the ocean with beautiful views of Mt. Cadillac in Acadia National Park. Teeshot comes away from water to multiple pins along a large drainage ditch. Each pin changes the optimal route. Pin A has open approaches from both sides. Pin B is further down the ditch and favors the right side approach. Pin C is shared with hole 6 further down the ditch. 

Hole 08 - Big Woods

Big dogleg to the left through a copse of very old trees including the Queen Apple herself. Too far left puts you on the neighbors property and OB. Pin A is right before the road. Pin B/C is in the clearing over the road. 

Hole 09 - Big Chair

Another hole that differs significantly depending on the tee and basket. All through the woods, although with more fairway to work with than previous shots. Take in the view from the Big Chair! Pin A is near the chair. Pin B straightens the hole. Pin C continues through the woods making it a par 4. 

Hole 10 - Big Finish

Course ends with the longest hole on the course. A big open field shot needs to deal with the wind off the water to place you in a good position to go for the pins which are tucked back between the fence and the woods. Parking area is OB. Pin A is tucked behind the tree on the right.  Pin B/C is on an elevated mound near the back. 

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